Monday, July 13, 2009

I Love KFC!!

Over the years, KFC has gotten a bad rap. I know they torture chicken and I know that it is supposed to be a really inhumane process they go through in order to become the great tasting chicken that they are, but I think I prefer the fact that the chicken it tortured. Picture this: your a chicken, in a free range farm ,loving life, you are well fed and life is beautiful. You still live around your family and love them dearly. You celebrate chicken birthdays and chicken holidays and you future looks bright. All of the sudden BAM!! A farmer chops off your freaking head and your sold to eat as a healthy piece of free range chicken breast. I would say if anything, that is torture. I would prefer my chicken to be born into misery. So that everyday of his life he is looking forward to the day that he is finally put out of his misery. So that when the day comes that he is killed, the last few moments of the chickens life are those of excitement to leave this cruel world. We would actually be doing the chicken a favor. This is why I prefer some good ol tortured miserable chicken. In the end, we are both happier because of it.